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Demonstration of Core Competence
It's no accident that UltraChip developed leading technology and quality in a short period. We're firmly supported by our strong technical team and subcontractors throughout the entire production process, from innovative development, working closely with model and system manufacturers, to the actual production. This support ensures that UltraChip will be the leading company in the LCD IC Driver industry for many generations to come.
Logistics Logistics
Owing to the complete and professional vertical supply chain...

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance
Our products are an value-add to our customers and UltraChip will continue ...
R&D and Engineering R&D and Engineering
UltraChip is made by a group of experts who have plentiful R&D resources and industrial experiences ...

Manufacturing Quality Manufactures
UltraChip's technical development capability and mass production experience in color STN LCD IC Driver...。
Principle of IC Principles of IC Design
UltraChip takes pride in our outstandi

Principle of IC Environmental policy
We comply with or exceed government environmental health and safety regulatory requirements and commitments require suppliers to strictly limit or ban harmful chemicals tube.