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Our Partners

    UltraChip provides a wide spectrum of services/products, ranging from product design, manufacturing, integrated production, to supplying high quality products. In addition to UltraChip's own R&D and operating capacities in place, we also strive to build up close cooperative relationship with top-notch partners in various fields. These partners include our suppliers, system houses, and chip distributors.

 System Houses

    UltraChip is renowned for its cutting-edge R&D as well as quality products in the global markets. We are proudly regarded most outstanding partner with internationally acclaimed mobile phone/device manufacturers, with which we have been involved in joint development by providing the state-of-the-art technology of the LCD driver for the next-generation products. Such promising collaborations pave the way for developing leading/trendy mobile media device products.
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World Class LCM Manufacturers

    UltraChip has been well-known for its excellent and flawless quality products. Such as our quality IC Chips have been favored by most of the world class LCM manufacturers thanks to the flawless quality as well as its smaller-yet-more-powerful advantage. With UltraChip's competitive IC chip products in place, together with our privileged experience involving in jointly researching and developing new products with mobile phone big brands, our LCM Manufacturer partners are entitled to produce more competitive products in the global market.

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    UltraChip's distributors are all leading companies in the semiconductor industry in the world. They are specialized in their own professional field, plus, their success helps boosting UltraChip's sales to ever-growing achievement and expand our market to almost every corner around the world.