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Company Profile

Pioneer of IC Design

      Established in 1999, UltraChip is a prominent fabless IC company in the mobile multimedia IC industry. We are specialized in the R&D, manufacture and sales of the smaller sized LCD display driver IC. UltraChip's global headquarter is located in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Currently we have multiple offices in the Taiwan, China, US, and Japan. We have been expanding our business mainly in these countries and throughout the world gradually.

      UltraChip has been outstanding in the STN_LCD driver IC industry. Not only has UltraChip successfully developed its own significant driver IC for mobile phones with its advanced technology, but we also has succeeded in mass production manufacturing. With our advanced technologies in place, which is in parallel with those of international big brands, we've accomplished the ''Color STN LCD driver IC single chip'', therefore we are entitled the first ever acknowledged developer and manufacturer in Taiwan in this industry. Our innovative technology also overcomes and reaches beyond the limitation of the original VSTN_LCD regarding its animation performance. We've maneuvered to optimize VSTN_LCD's performance so as to come closer to that of TFT_LCD. Such a cost-effective development not only makes VSTN_LCD more competitive in the market but also extends STN_LCD's product life cycle. UltraChip's innovation and capability amazed and impressed the world accordingly.

      As the smartphone markets became mature and the gross margins of the smartphone products is decreasing and getting limited room for growth due to price war in recent years, UltraChip has been actively dedicated to researching and developing more profitable products with explosive growth potentials in the market, and we currently expand the product lines in connection with more diversified devices required by the globally renowned brands, such as: factory automation control, medical equipment, automotive devices, mobile devices, etc.

      UltraChip's current strategy is to keep advancing our technology and quality; moreover, we are helping our customers to develop even more cutting-edge end products. UltraChip aims to keep advancing R&D in order to always take the lead in the driver IC design industry.