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Quality Manufactures

Timely Delivery; Missions Accomplished.

UltraChip's technical development capabilities and mass production experiences in color STN_LTD IC Driver are in parallel with those of international big brands. Both UltraChip's exclusive state-of-the-art technologies and active supply-chain managements entitle UltraChip to enjoy the advantages of lower costs and higher flexibility in manufactures, which has always impressed and found favor with many international companies.

- Innovative Technologies:
UltraChip advances our manufactures to be more competitive with the state-of-the-art technologies based upon the decisively important patents we already have. UltraChip's products has been featuring: lower power consumption, uncomplicated components, less cross-talk interference, cost-effectiveness, as well as perfect gray-scale. Besides, our efficient and simplified parts design also significantly boosts the productivity through the modularized mass production.

- Complete and diversified Production Lines:
With UltraChip's top-notch technical supports and diversified production lines available for a full range of products in hand, we proudly provides customizable and scalable services to effectively meet and satisfy customers' broad and diversified demands.

- Zero waste of Corporate Resource:
UltraChip endeavors to dedicate ourselves to R&D in order to strategically boost corporate core value. And, all the end products are out-sourced to subcontractors to ensure that our corporate resources are neither idle nor wasted on a broad scale. With the corporate resources being focused and fully-utilized in place, UltraChip is able to effectively and significantly lower the products' costs by and large.

- Strong Subcontractor Supports:
UltraChip has long been reviewed by our customers as Class A business partner in terms of our considerable advantages in production capacity and cost-effectiveness. We have been capable of effectively delivering end products on a timely manner because of our stable productivity, inexhaustible supplies, and flexible production management.