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About UltraChip

The Pursuit of Best LCD IC Solutions
Established in 1999, UltraChip is one of the few Taiwanese leading companies entitled to develop its own high-end LCD IC driver technology for mobile phone and various handheld devices. With both consumer-oriented design motivation and rigorous quality control in production management in place, UltraChip Inc. has been fully capable of bringing the best LCD IC driver solutions to our customers. Not only have we successfully developed a unique STN_LCD IC driver design specification, but we also have been playing the leading role in this industry at home and abroad.

公司概況 Company Profile
UltraChip aims to keep advancing R&D in order to always take the lead in the driver IC design industry.

企業願景 Corporate Vision
Not only does UltraChip maneuver for a profitable and sustainable growth, but we also make progress in order to enrich human beings lives and fulfill corporate commitment to the community as well.
合作伙伴 Our Partners
Our customers are mostly world class LCM manufacturers.

得獎與肯定 Awards and Acclaims worldwide
UltraChip was awarded by the world-class phone system maker Sony Ericsson "Sony Ericsson's excellent manufacturers."