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R&D and Engineering

Being Professional and Flexible for probing and grasping the very opportunity available in the market.

Professional and Flexible, Grasp the First Opportunity in the Market UltraChip is comprised of a group of excellent R&D experts specialized in relevant industrial experiences and practices , who have also been accessing to state-of-the-art R&D resources. Our recruitment is based on talent and expertise. The R&D team's overall intelligence and experiences make it easier to achieve mutual understanding and consensus in realizing goals. This also gives us the flexibility to respond to rapid market changes.
- Anti-monopoly:
UltraChip's technical development capability and mass production experience in IC Driver are parallel to that of big international companies. Therefore, we have successfully entered and been standing out in the market which used to be monopolized by Japanese and Korean firms.

- Innovation:
UltraChip strives to develop new products in the best interests of our customers. Also, our R&D crews are encouraged to ''think big'' and ''think different'' so as to advance UltraChip's overall products' competitiveness in functionality, quality and cost-effectiveness in the ever-changing global market.

- Research and Development Goal:
UltraChip strives to elaborately set up pragmatic agenda for each R&D program, and maneuvers for a deliberate assessment/control over functionality, technology, budget and costs from start to finish in order to maximize products' advantages in the competing market.

- Scalable Customization:
UltraChip strives to satisfy customers with scalable and customizable products/services. Our diligent engineers are delighted to offer extensive product support services on top of professional and integrated design for relevant products.